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We understand   how important it is for students to be happy in their host families' homes. All our students stay with carefully chosen Host Families. Many have been hosting for many years.  We insist that all our families adhere to our Compulsory Accommodation Conditions. These standards are obligatory and non negotiable. 

Compulsory Accommodation Conditions


All our Host families have agreed to supply the following conditions  to all  students that we place with them. 


          Welcome each student into their homes and families.

     ​      Whenever possible to integrate each student into everyday Irish life. 

           Clean towels and bed linen​ on day of arrival.   

           A dedicated cupboard/wardrobe per student with enough space to fit  personal possessions. 


           Full use of all home facilities. 

            Access to a telephone or mobile phone.   

            Include everyday personal laundry in the family wash. 

Student Wellbeing


Our students welfare is our primary concern. For this reason every host family mother that Einstein 2 place their students with has been personally interviewed at their homes by one of our staff.  In  most  cases other members of the family have been present. Individual likes and dislikes, interests and hobbies, allergies, animals and smoking preferences are noted. Parents occupations and childrens' interests are kept on file.  We ensure that our selected host families offer a genuine family life for the duration of our students stays. Since April 2016 legislation  all our host families and staff are  police vetted by the National Vetting Bureau. 

We Ensure that ....

               Students are made welcome and treated as part of the family.​

               English is the only language spoken at home.

               Maximum of 3 students in the one house.

               Students receive full board accommodation.​


Full Board Accommodation:

From dinner on day of arrival to packed lunch on day of departure. Breakfast every day, packed lunch on school and Excursion days and cooked lunch on Sundays.

Host Family Structures


Families everywhere come in all shapes and sizes. Our family structures are no different.

We have families that are :

      •  A couple with or without children.

      •  A retired couple provided they are still active.

      •   A single parent with child/children living at home.

All are willing to share their homes with a foreign student and will do their utmost to make them welcome.


We guarantee that if  the above minimum compulsory comfort standards are not met by our host families for whatever reason, we will relocate our student within hours of being notified about the situation to a more suitable environment.

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